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Running Fever

Tonight’s training run was different. Our fitness path is still closed for the remainder of this week so we ran on a dirt track. I ran in the grass because the dirt felt weird but so did the grass. It felt like I was having to work harder. Not complaining though, I still had a good run. I also forgot to pack socks in my workout bag so I just ran without them. I tend to like to leave the most important items at home! My time was off by a few minutes so I won’t count this run as a timed run. We did speed training after the run. I love speed training! I actually really look forward to the sprints after the regular run. I feel so free doing them and I know they are helping me get stronger.

Over the last few days, I have realized I have turned in to an obsessed runner. Everyday, I look for upcoming races and keep a close eye on the points systems. I add new goals almost daily and I stay on my phone looking for awesome running gear. Magazines have been subscribed to, food plans mapped out and training plans are getting established. Poor girl has gotten the running fever! I really want to reach my goal of running a 5K in 29 minutes. The next two days will be regular runs with speed training to prepare for the weekend. This weekend I’m doing 4 5K’s. I am hoping for another PR Saturday morning on a USATF course.

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