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Zombies & Pink Awareness

Friday night we ran in Canton, Ga with a bunch of zombies. It was a great fall night for a 5K. The course was flat with a long bridge that connected the parks together. Somehow, I maintained a consistent pace throughout the whole race. I guess it helped that we took the day off from work to prepare for the night race, so I didn’t have the stress of work on me. I started off running really fast because I like to think that I look cool running fast but by the half mile marker I slowed to my ‘normal’ pace. Mile 1 is where we started to hit the zombies that were walking/hiding around the fitness path of the park. I only had one zombie that actually made me jump. I would like to give these zombies credit for pushing me through the next mile. I did not want to stop due to fear of getting ‘attacked’ for walking. By mile 2, we were making it around the open area of the park back to the zombies. Again, zombies pushed me through the remaining mile. Ended up with a clock time of 35:10. The boys placed 2nd & 3rd in their age groups. By far, this was one of my favorite fun races that I have ran.

Saturday morning we ran in Commerce for the Fit For a Cure 5K. This race supports cancer research. Races that support cancer, strokes or animals are the races I tend to run the most. I enjoy being able to support a good cause. This being a back-to-back race from the night before, I didn’t think I stood a chance at beating my time. I proved myself wrong and I broke 35 minutes. This course was primarily flat with a few rolling hills. I somehow do better on a course that has hills. I did not start off fast on this course, I kept a consistent pace throughout the first half mile. I had to walk on the first small hill before mile 1. I call these walking stops, my power boosters. It works, because I run farther when I pick back up running. The second hill I pushed through it, but by the third I had to use another power booster. Coming around to the finish line, I knew by the time on my watch I was doing good. I turned it on as soon as I saw the clock. Crossing the finish line, I tried to hold it together but I really wanted to jump up and down when I hit 34:56. (Which by the way is my best clock time to date). The boys also rocked it with awesome clock and finisher times.

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