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They Say It’s A Mental Game

Everyone says running is all mental that you can train your mind to focus. Focus on breathing, relaxing your body, body position, etc. I never believed it to be true until now. The more I tell myself I can do it, the better my performance is. It sounds silly that you have to tell yourself little things to just get through a run. I know I must say to myself ‘keep going’ a thousand times during the course of 3.1 miles. I honestly believe visualization is what gets me through these training runs now. I see myself at a 5k on the weekends with a great clock time and a medal win.

Today I started out at a decent pace but by mile 1, I was feeling the burn in my legs. It also doesn’t help there is a mini hill on the training course. This mini hill got me and I stopped for 5 seconds just to ease the burn. After that, I made it to 1.5 feeling better about the next 1.5 miles that I had left to go. Mile 2 marker, I stopped again just to ease the pain. By mile, 2.25 I wanted to keep going, I did not feel the need to stop and let my pain ease. I made it all the way to 3 miles with a time of 34:54 which is my best clock time I have had since I started training again. After I finished the first 3 miles, I kept running up the hill to the parking lot. I didn’t want to stop so I ended up going another half of a mile. I am steadily wanting to increase my mileage so I can run longer distances.

We are running a 5k this Friday night and my goal is 34:44.

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